Lil Richye at the 2019 Charlotte African-American Festival

Get ready Charlotte for the music talents of Lil Richye. He was recently on The Rap Game but eliminated due to the fact that he didn't want to battle rap and talk about his opponent's mom who is a drug addict. He was hurt by the elimination but happy he stayed true to himself. When asked why he didn't do it, he simply said "I have to be responsible for my words."  After leaving the rap game he wrote two books. His first book Big Brother Big Shoes is a children's book about him and his brothers and the importance of being a role model and sibling and about the NO that meant GO. Go Harder is a motivational book about his time on the Rap Game Show, dealing with defeat and how to pick yourself up and keeping your faith in God. Lil Richye has performed at the Black College Expo in Oakland and Atlanta within the last few weeks as well as doing shows all over the world. To book Lil Richye please call (704-957-3223)

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