Little Rock AME Zion Church

Sermon Notes

By Sister Diane Commander

3-29-20 Sermon Notes from Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church Reverend Dr. Dwayne Anthony Walker Pastor

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Praising God for another wonderful worship experience at Little Rock. Thanking God for all who participated in making this service available. Dr. Walker stated that during this pandemic, we are getting messages that everything is under control, yet we are witnessing loss of lives, loss of jobs, etc., and we are left to wonder are things really alright? If someone ask you, how are you doing, you will say, “I am doing fine or you may say, all is well when sometimes things are not fine or well, sometimes there is much turmoil in our lives. However, we can’t fix it until we face it. From Mark 5:1-15 Dr. Walker preached the subject, “Get YOUR Life Under Control!”. He stated that during this time of isolation, quarantine and Lent, it is time for you to get your life under control so we can come out of this situation better, stronger and wiser than when we went in. Our text is showing us today that when all were running from the Gadarene Demoniac, Jesus ran to him because, the man was having an 1) IDENTITY CRISIS (alive, but lived among the dead; bleeding because he was cutting himself; he did not know who he was). In this text we see the 2) INVOLVEMENT OF CHRIST (He came all the way from Heaven down to get involved with us). Because of the involvement of Christ, this man was 3) INSPIRED TO CHANGE (like this man, you must look to Jesus who can put YOUR life under control. God Bless You, Be The Church, #letsGROW, God Gets the Glory…

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